Procedural People – Rigging

Over the holiday period I have completed a job rigging this character, according to some strict standard practice. This is for a tool being developed by a developer in the Unity community, and had to be exact in many ways because the software being developed is actually a procedural ‘people’ maker. I also pushed the work for extreme flexibility of the model.

Before and after pictures here – and this tool in development has some big ambitions so there should be some updates and continuity here.

Happy client quotes:

> I really like the adjusted shape.  This is going to be awesome!
> Looking great!  It’s pretty amazing that she can do such extreme yoga
> without any crimping.
> I just wanted to confirm that I was able to transfer your excellent
> rigging work to my UV-mapped, subdivided mesh with no problem.

It’s also nice to obtain some competitive projects that come up within the Unity community.


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